Sunday, May 25, 2014

Support Letters Are Done!

Family and friends
First off, today my brother and his family were able to bring home the children they adopted from Uganda! Praise the Lord! The past few months have been difficult for them dealing with paperwork  and government issues... But now they're home!! I am just so excited for them!
Today I finished our support letter for our adoption. Honestly, writing it was a struggle for me. I was having a difficult time expressing my feelings on paper. Many people have been asking me if we'll need to raise support for our adoption, and the answer is yes. We'll need to raise about $23,000. In our support letter is a cost breakdown, and info on how you can help bring our baby home. If you would like to receive a support letter, please email me your mailing address to: If you would like to help support our adoption, but are in a tough place financially maybe you could take our letter to your Sunday school class, small group, or youth group and make it a group project. We plan on doing various fundraisers and applying for grants to help cover our adoption costs, but most of our support will come from our family and friends. My goal is to send out at least 100 letters and see what God provides. We know that God has called us to this and we know that He will provide. Please pray for us during this time. Pray for our faith and pray that God would use his people to help bring our baby home. Thank you for your prayers!


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