Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 10!

Yesterday was the first day of our last week of summer camp for SWO14! I can't believe how fast the summer has flown by. With camp and our adoption process we have been pretty busy. We are working on getting things completed for our homestudy: physicals, background checks, training, etc. We have training with our agency towards the end of this month so please pray for that! Also, at this point we have raised $2,795. That is a little over 1/10 of what we need to raise. God has been so faithful to provide for us through his people. We are have received support from missionaries, broke college students, and even some of our high school students that have come to SWO for camp! I want to share one story that really encouraged me. I was praying one morning for God to provide for our adoption and later that day Zach told me that a camper walked up to him and told him something like this, "Hey, I went on a mission trip to an orphanage and really felt God calling me to help take care of orphans. I can't adopt because I'm still in high school, but I want to help support your adoption". The young man handed Zach some money and that was that. I admit that I was stressing about money, and God used that young man to encourage my faith! It was so awesome! Please continue to pray for our adoption as we continue to raise funds and finish up our paperwork. We are shooting to have our homestudy complete by the end of September. Once it's complete, we'll be able to start applying for adoption grants and we will be put on our agency's waiting list (meaning we will be viewable for birthmothers). If you would like a support letter you can email me your address or you can give online here: http://www.gofundme.com/9limo4 . With camp coming to a close, we look forward to a stay-cation with our boys. We plan on swimming in the pool, grilling, and just enjoying eachother's company. It's gonna be great! Well, that's what's going on with us. Here are some pictures from this summer!


Jackson loves the swing set at camp!

Parker and Sam enjoying SWO rodeo with Zach aka Luther.