Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Church Kids and PhD's
Hey y'all, I know that it's been a really long time since we've updated this blog, but we'll do better now. 

So... for those of you who haven't heard yet, we're gonna have another kid! We're really excited. Please pray for Rock and the new little baby inside her, that all will go well and that the Lord will protect them both throughout the term. 

Last week in a rare weekend off with SWO we were able to make a really fun reunion road trip where we spent a couple days in Whitesburg, KY visiting the Berry's (one of Zach's roommates in seminary). The Stubblefields (another of Zach's roommates) surprised us there by coming to visit. Then we all went and surprised Ben Dockery (yet another roommate) and his family for a surprise birthday party and national championship party. It was such a good time. We then spent the next day visiting all of Zach's friends from Louisville. It was an enjoyable trip.

And it looks like we may be spending a little more time in Louisville over the next couple of years because Zach has applied for the PhD program to study Apologetics. Please be in prayer as he prepares for the entrance exam that he will take on February 22nd. It's pretty intense, he has to read 9 books in preparation. So we'll keep you updated on how that goes. Here's a picture of the kids at church in Whitesburg. This only represents 5 of the 15 kids from the house where Zach lived in during seminary... Pretty crazy.

Under His Mercy,

The Mabry 5