Monday, September 17, 2012

Good Morning Class

Hey Everyone,

We hope that this finds you well. There is a lot to catch you up on in the lives of the Mabry's. We have been super busy since our last post. Camp is going great. We just had nearly 200 guys at the Be Strong Men's Conference and God did an awesome work in challenging us with what it means to really be pastors in our families. We are getting geared up for the Marriage Retreat (Oct 19-21), which only has a couple spots left and we leave this morning for our annual staff retreat at Cades Cove.

In addition to the goings on at camp, Zach officially starts today at Liberty University Online as an online professor in the School of Religion. We are very excited about this, for several reasons. As you know, Zach is kind of a nerd, and he loves the academic world. And the class that he is teaching is about a subject that he really loves. He's teaching on apologetics. Plus, this is a huge answer to prayer in that it will really take a large strain of us financially if he continues to get classes. Please pray that he is able to discipline himself well in order to honor the Lord in his work, and that LU continues to assign classes to him.

In even other news, Rock and Parker have started school together too. Yeah, he's still not even 3 but we decided to get an early start and Parker loves it. He's mastering very complex topics like: colors, squares, the location of his right and left feet,  the numbers from 1 to 10, and multifaceted use of the Greek participle.... okay, I lied... he's a bit shaky on his right and left.

We are so thankful at the way that God is working in our home. Please pray for us. And if you feel led to support Zach's upcoming trip to Orphanage Emmanuel this December, that would be awesome. We still need to raise $900. Thank you so much for your support.

Under His Mercy,

The Mabrys