Monday, April 2, 2012

Crazy Spring

So we did the math and this March there was only one day that we either didn't have students at camp or camp wasn't somewhere. Crazy! But we can't complain, because this just means that God is opening more and more doors for us to be partnering with churches in the spread of His glorious Gospel.

Since we had students at camp and Zach's days were pretty long Rock and the kids headed off to visit the Mabry's in Cincinnati along with Grandma. They spent nearly a week with Nathan (Nae Nae), Rachel (Rae Rae) and their 3 kids and loved it. The only difficulty in the trip was the ride there and back. Parker is not the biggest fan of road trips.

In other news, we finally sent out our support letters. Please pray that there are some families that would feel led by God to help support us financially. With our new house and new kid, we have found ourselves in position where we need to raise more support to make ends meet. But we trust that the Lord will provide. Along that line, it looks like Zach has gotten an additional job that we're really excited about. Zach has been hired on with Liberty University's online program to be an online professor. He still has to submit a lot of paperwork and go through a 10 week training program, but it looks like this will provide a really awesome opportunity to promote Biblical/Theological training (which Zach is passionate about) and generate some additional income in the process. We are very excited to see what the Lord does with this.

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  1. It's so good to hear updates from you guys! We need to see you soon:)
    Praying for you as your ministry stretches in number, and in time required.
    Rocky and Zach - the Hinsons love you guys!